Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Baby Update

I've been feeling some little bumps and thumps! I'm now at 15 weeks. I have my big ultrasound on October 2 around noonish, so hopefully later in the afternoon I'll let you all know if we're heading for four of a kind or a mixed set! :)


Tooz said...

That's great! Did you feel bumps and thumps this early with the other folks? I think knowing what you're feeling makes a difference as to how early you feel them. I think either a mixed set or 4 of a kind would be great--4 of a kind is a better poker hand, for sure. How did Aiden's flags come out? Love to you all.

Tara said...

Turns out that the pack of construction paper I had only had red and white, no blue. So, we tore up bits of red and glued them on the white which we'd colored on with blue marker!

I didn't feel Evan until 19 weeks. I know the others were earlier, but I don't remember when they were!

annalu alulu said...

Woo hoo! Go, baby! Go, baby! How exciting!