Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Works For Me Wednesday! I'm back!!!

I'm coming out from my blogging rock to bring you an idea that has worked for our family this week. I have four kids. Naturally that produces a lot of laundry! I would let the laundry mound up, take a day (or two or three) and DO LAUNDRY. I would wash and dry and fold and wash and dry and fold and wash and dry and fold until I thought my machines would go on strike and the mounds of now clean laundry took over my house until I would get up the gumption to put them away. Sound familiar???

So, one night while awake instead of asleep I developed a plan. I know some larger families sort their laundry not by color but by person. I have a triple laundry sorter and many laundry baskets. I figured that if I did each person's laundry one day a week and towels on one day I would be doing laundry every day. Not so much fun. :) So, I doubled them up! Now my laundry schedule looks like this:

Monday: Dad and Avery
Tuesday: Mom and Toby
Wednesday: Evan and Aidan
Thursday: Towels, sheets, etc

Notice a couple of things. I have big clothes mixed with small clothes thus making for easy sorting once the things are done. I've split up Aidan and Toby who are just one size apart thus eliminating the "he has my shirt" "well it was in my drawer" mistakes. An added bonus that Jim appreciates is that since I'm only doing two people's laundry I have room and time to sort like into like as I fold thus saving him the step of sorting out his shirts, pants as he puts them away (this sentence isn't making much sense, but oh well, if you want to know more ask). And the most impressive part of all? I don't do laundry on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. :) Woo ho! So far this has worked very well for our family!

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Anonymous said...

I've sorted this way and it worked a treat. Then it stopped working for some reason- more kids I think. who knows, maybe I should try again!


Kim said...

This is a great idea! I absolutely hate laundry and am guilty of letting it build up to more than overflowing. I know I need a plan and I like this one. Even though I only have two kids, I think this might work. Thanks for the tip!

Visiting from WFMW!

Anonymous said...

I always use the mountain of clean laundry to fold as an excuse to sit and watch tv! :)

Becky A.

Rebecca said...

Welcome back! I HAVE missed you...especially when I glance at my sidebar and find that the bloggy friend who got me into Carnivals hasn't had a new post in two months! Your ideas are always fun and interesting, but I respect your priorities. Keep on "Momming" and "Wifeing" with a Proverbs 31 perspective!

"She considers a field and buys it" could be rephrased, "She considers the laundry mountain and tackles it" hee hee

Leslie said...

such a great tip! I'm always thinking of better ways to slay the laundry dragon, lol. Definitely going to go this route.

ann said...

How funny that I found you today. I guess this is from last Wednesday, but I was just thinking yesterday of a "works for me" and was missing your blog. I'm glad you're back.

And my "works for me" is silly--how to put on an undershirt with a shelf bra--put arms and head through the head hole and bring the whole thing under the bust, and then bring the straps up over the arms, instead of trying to put it on like a normal shirt and getting it all twisted around your neck. I'm probably the only person in the world who needed a solution for this, but I am telling you about it anyway because it reminded me of you.