Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Works for me Wednesday!

Hello all! I'm back. Well, we'll see about that. I'm doing some part time day care here in the house of Kluth so I've been a little busy to blog. At any rate, this morning as I was working on getting Aidan's uniform together I thought, "this would make a good Works for me Wednesday" but it didn't dawn on me that it was actually Wednesday and that I could write it!

I actually got this idea from a more seasoned mom of many. Aidan and Toby are in nearly the same size pants. Evan and Aidan are both in unform and some of their shirts are really close to the same length. It's hard to tell from looking at them whos are whos and since sizes aren't universal that doesn't help either (I once put Aidan in an 8 and Evan in a 6 and the shirts fit both boys perfectly!)

So, the simple solution would be to label the boys' clothes, but how to do it so the clothes can be easily handed down to the next one without scribbling out the previous boy's name? Here's my solution: I put one dot on Evan's clothing tags, two on Aidan's and three in Toby's. Then as I pass Evan's down to Aidan or Aidan's down to Toby I just add a dot and the label is current! Makes quick work of sorting the laundry and getting it to the correct closet.

Hope this idea helps with hand me downs! Head over to *We Are That Family* for more ideas that may work for you!


Rebecca said...

Aren't you clever!

Reminds me of when two young ladies you know, Alicia and Danielle, were little girls:
D had just passed up A in height, and they had matching outfits in size 5 and size 4. Because A had always previously been in the larger size, whoever got the girls dressed that day did one-piece shorts outfits. A looked engulfed by hers, and D spent the day trying to pull her shorts down a little lower.

And we have lots of family pictures from an anniversary party to remember it.

Tooz said...

That's such a simple but effective method of labeling! Good idea!