Tuesday, September 08, 2009

An Avery Story

In my life as a stay at home Mommy I have had many stories that I tell laughing hysterically only to a girlfriend, my mom or my husband. There are some that just should not be blogged about to protect the innocent even though the tale is JUST that funny!

If I knew how to categorize my posts into a nifty system on the side I would categorize this under "Things I'm not sure I should have blogged about".

One morning I was on the phone with Mel. Avery found a small square piece of cotton batting from a jewelery box. She lifted up her dress, pulled down her unders, placed the cotton in her unders and pulled them back up again, reminding me that perhaps it is time to insist on my own privacy in the bathroom not only with the boys! This few sentences long description does not do justice to the hilarity that it struck in my heart!

Monkey see, monkey do is an understatement!


Mrs. Allroro said...


Mrs. Allroro said...

I told my co teachers about this today, and one of them said, "At least it wasn't a tampon." And the other said that she had received an email saying that one little boy put a tampon into his little brother's underwear to help him learn to swim (because mommy wore one so she could go swimming!)

Lydia Brown said...

I am glad you shared this one! Too funny!

Cora hasn't tried that one yet, but she apparently has seen me use a tampon. The last time I pulled one out of the box around her she asked "Are you going to put that in your bottom?" I knew then that I needed to keep the bathroom door shut.

Also, in another matter of monkey see, etc, while Cohen was still little, I caught Cora trying to pump her breast into her sippy cup.

Lydia Brown said...

P.S. How I long to meet your precious, funny family!