Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday!

Hello everyone! I just found the ultimate in cute just this morning, and since it's now Works For Me Wednesday I can share it!

WFMW has now moved to *We Are That Family*. Part of the reason I haven't posted WFMW lately is because I'm hesitant with the change. So, today I found the new site and found that besides directing you to *We Are That Family* nothing else has changed! :)

Okay, back to the kitchen cute. My pastor's wife's sister *Rebecca* actually posted about this at *her blog* today, so please go to her blog and read the entire post. Thank you.

The long and short of it is that she wanted some new kitchen towels to hang on her oven door. I can relate. I like them there, too! She searched high and low for some new ones and couldn't find them. I suggested to her that the tie on kitchen towels go to garage sales and thrift stores to die. She came up with something MUCH cuter. She found matching pot holder and kitchen towel pairs. She got out her good ol' sewing machine and stitched center of the towel down the center of the pot holder, sewed a button on and voila! New tie on kitchen towels. Really, *go to her blog*. You'll see a great picture of a clean stove and the cutest tie on kitchen towels in the world. :)

Finding a cute, cheap, creative idea REALLY works for me!


~*Michelle*~ said...

Hey there!

Thanks for popping over in my world and entering my giveaway (and BRAVO to you for picking up the 100th post of the 100th post thing!)

I wish you lots of luck...will be picking the winner on Friday.

Oh, and I totally love that look of nice towels on an over does a great job on hiding the streaks and fingerprints too. LOL

Have a wonderful day~


Annikke said...

I hopped over there and those are so cute and fun! What a great idea!

Tooz said...

Ooooh, don't know which is cuter, the clean stove or the towels! I haven't seen a clean stove like that in years.

Anonymous said...

I'm Rebecca's Momma and it sure is fun for me to see her getting all this attention over the clever oven door towels!! I like the towels handy in my kitchen, too, but now that our nest is empty they stay dry much longer!!!! Enjoy your young families and your kiddos while you wipe finger prints off of EVERYTHING, scrub up spilled milk and do mounds of laundry!!! These days pass all tooooo quickly. I know.... first our girls grew up too fast, now some of our grandchildren are young adults. Hug the little ones while you have the chance!

Rebecca said...

Hey, Tara, I miss your blog entries! You must be busy busy with life.

I hadn't checked the comments you received on this post, and it is fun to see the additional affirmations tonight. Thanks again for linking me to WFMW, because I have so enjoyed becoming "international"! ;)

It's Spring Break here this week, which means the kids and I are in relaxed mode from our home schooling. If yours is this week, that means you have an extra one at home to tend to...but I hope you still find some time to make a new post.