Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Rude Awakening

We have three cats. They are all outdoor cats (though two believe they should be indoor cats and dart in when we open the door). Their job is to sleep in the mudroom on a very hairy chair cushion and to catch teeny little furry things that want to come in and eat our cereal, crackers and cookies. And crumbs. They do the first job very well. I'm not so sure about the second job. This morning Jim woke me up at about 6:20. "Do you wanna have some fun?" Immediately my mind went there and I thought, "are you nuts? I've been mostly awake since Avery woke me up at 4:21. No, I don't wanna have some fun." But, being the loving, gentle and demure wife any man would want I asked, "What sort of fun?" He replied with something that I cannot print here because my friend Mel would absolutely die and refuse to come to my house ever again. It rhymed with, "there's a house in the nigh hair". (Mel, stop reading. Translated that last sentence reads, "there's a mouse in the high chair".) Not exactly what you'd want to wake up to, huh? I think maybe our outdoor cats might need to spend a little time in the house.

(I also had a dream about one of the cats the other night. Scruff is a girl cat. In my dream, Scruff had kittens. But, in my dream, Scruff gave birth to the kittens, but was a male cat and therefore couldn't nurse them. Weird, huh?)


Anne said...

That's hilarious!! I'm still laughing. :-)

Jim said...

Yes, honey, you have definitely grown in your demure-ness. Demurity?

That's the girl I married! Mice beware!

Tooz said...

Scruff...That story reminded me of a black kitten we had when I was still at home, 40 years ago. We thought the kitten was male and named him Tom. Unfortunately, Tom was female, and died in kitten-birth. My dad always said, "He was a male cat that tried to have a kitten, and it killed him." Sometimes I think he believed that.