Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We're not so young anymore

Well, we had a blast at our sleepover! We stayed up late (3:30!!!) and talked and ate and talked and ate and talked and ate. Then we lounged about in the hot tub (!) and hit the sack. When we got up we talked and ate and talked and ate and talked and ate. Since we weren't able to get oursleves around in time for actual church we gatherd in the living room and shared what God'd been revealing to us in our own quiet times. We had a great time of prayer and fellowship (and did I mention the eating?) Then we played Wii (which was a great time) and even played Dance Dance Revolution. It was so much fun. I was glad we weren't a bunch of self consious teenagers. We've seen each other hugely pregnant, nursing and post partum (nevermind the bathing suits the night before) so we're all comfortable enough with ourselves to have a grand time making a fool out of ourselves!

Now I'm getting ready to load up the three lil'uns and head out to South Dakota and Iowa where my two sisters have each had babies in the past few weeks. I'm armed with recipes, large mixing bowls and a crock pot to stock up their freezers! Should be fun. My older sister who lives in FL will be there, so all the girls will be together again for the first time in (I think) years. Much fun will be had. And most of it will revolve around food I bet. ;)


Tooz said...

Oh, Tara, that sounds like another delightful experience! I hope all goes well on your travels and that you enjoy this visit with your sisters as much as you enjoyed your sleepover! Love you.

Monica said...

What fun! Isn't it great to have friends like this in your life? I have some college friends and we try to get together for a night every year. It's never enough, but always a blessing.