Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Watch out Donald Trump!

Almost two weeks ago Evan came bursting in the door in an excited rush. He threw his things in the entryway and headed for the art box. “I have to make a sign, we’re having a sale at school on January 16! I get to take things to sell and we get two dollars in pretend money from Mrs. Hansen and I have to get my sign made!” Well, the first grade sale was all we heard about! Last night we gathered up all the items Evan wanted to take to sell. I made a few beaded bracelets to attract the little girls in his class. This morning we put together the price signs for Evan’s Toy Store. I volunteered to go in and help during the lesson. Mrs. Hansen gave each student $2 in play money. All the children got to buy and sell items brought from home (and got to keep their purchases!). Over half the students spent more than they started with and learned about a “loss” in business. The rest of the children earned more than they spent and learned about “profit”. A majority of the kids who earned a profit had a total of $3-$4. Evan had a total of $12.15!!! His prices started at about 50 cents and went up to $2. As a shrewd businessman, he did not bargain on any of his wares! He also was able to bring home a few leftovers from his store and a lunch box full of toys that he’d purchases from his classmates! I think The Donald has some serious competition coming up the ranks!!!


Tooz said...

Good job, Evan! You did well with your sale!

Jenn Hacker said...

Wowza! That's great! Jamie always loves the economics lessons at school. Unfortunately, he loves buying more than making money (he must take after me)!