Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I just sent the boys upstairs for "Brother Playtime". I just heard, "hey, cotton balls, let's pretend we're sheep!!!" The question now is should I go check or live in a few more minutes of ignorant bliss???

In other news, Jim and I spent our first night away from all three kids this past weekend. We farmed out the boys and left Friday night for Plymouth (about an hour and a half north). There we took in a hilarious musical called "Church Basement Women" which is a great show about 4 Lutheran church basement women poking fun at the traditions that surround the women who make the church social functions run and Minnesotans in general. It was hilarious, even to someone who grew up neither Lutheran nor Minnesotan! Perhaps it was because I married a former Lutheran and have lived in Minnesota for coming up on 9 years! :) You can read about the play here. Enjoy!

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Jenn Hacker said...

At least it was, "Hey, cottonballs, let's play sheep!" and not "Hey, steak knives, let's play sword-swallowers!"

Just gotta put it in perspective, that's all. LOL!