Monday, August 17, 2009


Outrageous supply of unders? Check.

M&Ms? Check.

Dirty duds bucket? Check.

Fingernail polish? Check.

Sticker chart with stickers? Check.

Singing potty with fresh batteries? Check.

Let the Potty Training (Bare) Boot(y) Camp begin!

Oh, and caramel macchiato ice cream and moral support from a girlfriend? Check!


Anonymous said...

You can eat caramel ice cream in the midst of that? :-)

Tooz said...

Good luck! I hope it (and Avery)goes quickly!

Rebecca said...

Two days down. Are you still sane?

Monica said...

LOVE it! We just started potty training here this week, too. Oh the joy.

Tooz said...

So how's it going?