Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Contest winners

Okay, I've heard back from both of my winners about publishing their names. And without further ado: Congratulations going out to Amy and Liz! Your bracelets have been made, strung with love and prayers from Minnesota and are heading out to your homes tomorrow morning. Blessings to you!

For those who weren't so lucky as to win, don't despair! I have plenty of materials to make you a bracelet, too! Simply send me an email or comment and I can make you one and ship it to you for just $6! As I did for the contest winners, I will also pray for your family as I custom make your Mother's Bracelet.


Anonymous said...

pssst... look here


Our Family of Five said...

Hi Tara,

Do you have a picture of the bracelets?


Our Family of Five said...

Ha, Ha, nevermind. I should have scrolled down first. :)