Thursday, November 16, 2006

Out of the mouths of babes

My three year old son Aidan said this morning we should name baby sister "Sweetie Honey with a kiss". Then he switched to "Chapter 63". Then he switched to "yo-yo". Last week he thought we should name the baby "Google". Good thing he isn't in charge!!!


annalu alulu said...

I think that first one is very nice. The rest, however, are nothing but hilarious.

Jenn Hacker said...

That's great. I love how kids are always thinking!

Tooz said...

Lydia had a student (Kindergarten) who thought she should name her baby girl "Caterpillar". Lydia couldn't figure that out, but I suspect that the little girl, who was not native English speaking, liked the sound of that word.

I think Aiden's name for the baby is really cool.