Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Yes, this is Toby. Yes, he's only 18 months old. Yes, in this picture he has eaten half an apple, skin, core and all! He even picked out the seeds! What a smart little guy! :) He was sitting up on the counter watching "Eemo" the beta fish and he grabbed an apple out of the bowl on the counter. He started eating it! I decided to let it go and this is how far he got on the thing before he gave up on it.

Here are Aidan (3), Evan (6) and Toby (18 months) reading all together. I just wish I could get one of all three of them looking the same way at the same time, forget about them smiling! Oh well, they're all clean, fresh out of the tub. They're such good brothers. Well, I hear the call of the wild so I'd better go answer it.


Tooz said...

I LOVE the pictures! Your boys are so cute. A word of warning--just because Aiden has Superman pajamas, I hope he knows he can't fly. Everett split his head open "flying" off the porch railing when he was almost 3. It was Superman! about 5 or 6 times. My dad warned me, "One of these days he is going to split his head open. Almost the next day, it was "Super-splat!"

Tara said...

I had heard that story before! His jams do have a cape, but he's too timid to try to fly off the porch!

Jenn Hacker said...

Love the Jammies! Your boys are heartbreakers!